The Flags 

Flag Flying 
Following a recent change (March 2021) in the Government’s ruling on the flying of the Union Flag from public buildings, St Peter’s Church in Marlborough will from now on, starting on Easter Sunday 2021, be flying the Union Flag as a matter of course when no other specific flag is being flown from the Tower. On those occasions when the Union Flag marks a particular event (e.g. The Queen’s Birthday or Commonwealth Day ) no flag will normally be flown the preceding day. 
1. A Church of England church is, strictly speaking, permitted to fly only one flag and that is of St George, the Patron Saint of England. However, as a redundant church, St Peter’s is fortunately exempt from this restriction. 
2. Currently, St Peter’s has a panoply of 25 flags, which are flown on the appropriate days of the year. See the Schedule of Flags Flying further down this page. In addition, there is a “Flag of the Day” information board inside the church portal explaining the flag currently flying. 
3. Weather permitting, the Tower Constable raises the flag by 9:00 am and lowers it at 6:00pm on the day. 
4. A list of all the flag flying days with details of each flag is available online below. 
5. Many of the flags have been hand-made by David Sherratt, who also maintains the flags in a good state of repair. Occasionally, if the weather is severe we have to forego flag flying to avoid damage to the flags. 
26th of January 
5th of February 
6th of February 
1st of March 
March (date varies) 
10th of March 
17th of March 
15th of April 
21st of April 
22nd of April 
23rd of April  
7th of May 
19th of May 
25th of May 
30th of May 
2nd of June 
June (date variable) 
June (date variable) 
15th of June 
18th of June 
20th of June 
29th of June 
July (date variable) 
1st of July 
4th of July 
3rd of September 
6th to 15th of September 
21st of October 
25th of October 
November (date variable) 
11th of November 
14th of November 
29th of November 
30th of November 
Date Variable  
Australia Day 
Waitangi Day 
Accession of HM the Queen (1952) 
St. David's Day 
Commonwealth Day 
Ordination of Thomas Wolsey (1498) 
St. Patrick's Day 
George Cross awarded to Malta (1942) 
Birthday of HM the Queen (1926) 
(Putative) Birthday of William Shakespeare (1564) 
St. George's Day 
Battle of Ethandun (AD878) 
Marlborough Charter Day (Queen Elizabeth I) (1576) 
Wessex Day 
HMS Marlborough formerly adopted by the Town 
Coronation of HM The Queen (1953) 
Armed Forces Day 
Official Birthday of HM the Queen 
Sealing of the Magna Carta (1215) 
Waterloo Day 
Marlborough Charter Day (King John 1204) 
Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul 
Sea Sunday 
Canada Day 
American Indepedence Day 
Merchant Navy Day 
Battle of Britain Week 
Trafalgar Day (1805) 
St. Crispin’s Day (Battle of Agincourt 1415) 
Remembrance Sunday 
Armistice Day (1918) 
HRH Prince of Wale’s Birthday 
Death of Cardinal Wolsey (1530) 
St. Andrew's Day 
Major Papal events (e.g. visit by Pope to UK) 
National Flag of Australia 
National Flag of New Zealand 
Union Jack 
National Flag of Wales 
Union Jack 
Wolsey's Arms 
St Patrick’s Saltire 
The Flag of Malta 
Union Jack 
Shakespeare Family Crest 
St. George's Cross 
The Flag of Wessex 
Royal Standard of Queen Elizabeth I 
The Flag of Wessex 
White Ensign 
Union Jack 
Tri Service Flag 
Union Jack 
Royal Standard of King John 
Union Jack 
Royal Standard of King John 
Flag of St Peter 
Red Ensign 
National Flag of Canada 
Stars and Stripes 
Red Ensign 
Royal Airforce Association Standard 
White Ensign 
St. George's Cross 
Tri Service Flag 
1914 - 1918 War Rememberance Flag 
Prince of Wale’s Flag 
Wolsey's Arms 
St. Andrew's Saltire 
Flag of the Holy See 
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